The Eckleburg Project

A TAMU Literary Journal

The Eckleburg Project is the official undergraduate literary magazine of Texas A&M University. We are a student run magazine featuring student poetry, prose, and art. Just over four years old, with now eight issues under our belt, we started with the idea in mind that art should be free to the community and easily accessible.

Without community, art would not exist, and artwork is a direct reflection of that community. Thus, became our name, inspired by Doctor T.J. Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby. Dr. Eckleburg acts as a symbol of the all seeing eye over the city, not missing a single event or happening. To truly be a great artist, one must act as an acute observer to the environment. In order to grow in your art, you must surround yourself with art. Herein, The Eckleburg Project was born.

The Eckleburg Project would like to thank our supporters at Texas A&M University’s Writing Center.  Without their financial, emotional, and physical support, the magazine would not be where it is today, or in existence at all. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Valerie Balester and Flo Davies for their encouragement and wisdom.

In addition, we would also like to thank Texas A&M UniversityThe Alumni Association, The Texas A&M Reveille Club, and The Texas Alliance Foundation for their financial backing of the journal and belief in the arts.

We've received support from U Paint It, a pottery studio in College Station, TX.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

The Eckleburg Project serves as an outlet for A&M students to express their experiences creatively and for readers to connect with the diverse backgrounds of their fellow Aggies. Being a sponsor for The Eckleburg Project means so much more than supporting a literary journal; our sponsors encourage and recognize the value of student-made prose, poetry, and art as well as its importance to the broader community.  If that's a value you and your organization share, please get in contact with us!

Right now we offer two different types of ads in our journal: a full page ($100) and a half page ($50),and we will soon offer ads on our blog. If you would like to reach hundreds of A&M students who are interested in arts and culture, please reach out to us via the "Contact Us" page!



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