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The Eckleburg Project is the official undergraduate literary magazine of Texas A&M University. We are a student run magazine featuring student poetry, prose, and art. Just over two years old, with now five issues under our belt, we started with the idea in mind that art should be free to the community and easily accessible.

Without community, art would not exist, and artwork is a direct reflection of that community. Thus, became our name, inspired by Doctor T.J. Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby. Dr. Eckleburg acts as a symbol of the all seeing eye over the city, not missing a single event or happening. To truly be a great artist, one must act as an acute observer to the environment.  In order to grow in your art, you must surround yourself with art. Herein, The Eckleburg Project was born.


This ragtag team of misfits makes up The Eckleburg Project editorial board. 

Adam Navara, Editor in Chief

Adam Navara, Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief, Adam Navara

Adam Navara is a senior biomedical engineering major from San Antonio, TX. He joined The Eckleburg Project in 2013 as Treasurer, and served as Managing Editor from 2014-2016.

He thinks art is out of this world.


Alex Cowan, Managing Editor

Alex Cowan, Managing Editor

Managing Editor, Alex Cowan

Alex is a senior English and Women’s & Gender Studies double major at Texas A&M University.

They started out as a blog writer, but then became blog manager in January 2016 before taking over as Managing Editor in January 2017. They currently work as a transfer student peer mentor for the Transfer Student Program at A&M. In addition, they are the head editor for the TSP Post, the Transfer Student Program’s magazine. Recently, they co-published an issue of the literary journal, Southern Knuckles.

Alex is easily enticed by promises of Oreos and/or coffee. Also, dogs.

Marina Buttecali, Treasurer

Marina Buttecali, Treasurer

Treasurer, Marina Buttecali

Marina is a member of the Aggie Class of 2019 and is studying accounting to pursue a career as a CPA. She was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas, but it has been a goal of hers to attend Texas A&M University since she was in the sixth grade. She became a staff member of The Eckleburg Project her freshmen year in order to be a part of a small group of people working together to produce a magazine that spreads the creativity of other students. In her spare time, Marina enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her pets. She adores animals, especially her dog back home, Dixie. In the future, Marina would love to travel the world, especially to Australia, Germany, and Greece in hopes of developing her career internationally. 


Sasha Adams, Prose Editor

Sasha Adams, Prose Editor

Prose Editor, Sasha Adams

Sasha Adams is a Biomedical Sciences major from Huntsville, Texas. She started out as a Poetry screener in Spring 2016, but has recently moved on to become the Prose Editor in Spring 2017. On a normal day, you will find Sasha procrastinating on homework by eating or napping with her super cool pitbull, Nala. She will also accept donations of gummy bears or iced coffee-but not together because that's gross. 


Zach Lannes, Poetry Editor

Zach Lannes, Poetry Editor

Poetry Editor, Zach Lannes

Zach Lannes is a Mathematics senior who currently serves as the Poetry Editor in The Eckleburg Project. In his free time he likes to play music and video games. He believes the best biographies are concise ones.




Head Designer, Kirbie Koonse

Head Designer, Kirbie Koonse

Head Designer, Kirbie Koonse

Kirbie Koonse is a junior English major, minoring in Graphic Design (but A&M calls it art). Raised in the heart of Austin, TX, she has a long-term love for tacos, dogs, and live music. Though she began her time with TEP as a blog writer, she found her way to Head Designer through a few internships and the right professors. Kirbie is currently an intern for the TAMU English Department, where she creates/designs/edits The English Aggie, among other things. She has previously interned at Ubuntu and Austin Fit Magazine.  You can find her with her dog somewhere, probably. 

Blog Manager, Jackson Greer

Jackson is a Blog Manager. He did not submit his bio, so this is all I will put.

Great hair, though.

Flo Davies, Academic Advisor

Flo Davies, Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor, Florence Davies

Florence Sarah Davies is the Academic Advisor for The Eckleburg Project. She possesses MFA in Writing & Literature from Stony Brook University, specifically the Southampton campus located on the east end of Long Island, New York. Currently, she works at Texas A&M as an Administrator for the University Writing Center. Prior to that, she worked for the non-profit, Writers in the Schools Houston, as a visiting creative writing instructor. She has completed one secret and slightly terrible novel for young adults, and has another in progress—yay! She’s worked at more bookstores than you have and can definitely tell you where to find that copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Reading Lolita in Tehran. She currently lives in College Station, Texas with her three stealth blogs.

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