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A TAMU Literary Journal

The Eckleburg Project is the official undergraduate literary journal of Texas A&M University. We are an undergraduate organization featuring student poetry, prose, and art. Now with eleven issues under our belt, we started with the idea that art should be free and easily accessible to the community.

Our staff is composed of undergraduate students and editors who select pieces to be published semesterly under a process of blind review. For information on how to join, go to our apply page. For information on how to submit, go to our submissions page. For general inquiries, or just to say hello, contact our organizational email at

As always, we thank you for your support as we continue to foster art here at Texas A&M.

Margaret Clark, Editor in Chief

Margaret Clark, Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief, Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark is a senior International Studies and English Major originally from Anchorage, Alaska. She joined Eckleburg in February of 2017 as a member of the blog team and sauntered vaguely upward to become Editor in Chief. In her very limited free time Margaret makes podcasts and watches the same 12 YouTube videos over and over.

Sarah Roberts, Managing Editor

Sarah Roberts, Managing Editor

Managing Editor, Sarah Roberts

Sarah is a sophomore Business major, English minor from Austin, Texas. Before becoming Managing Editor, she started as a Screener for The Eckleburg Project in the Fall 2017 and became Poetry Editor the following year. When she’s not studying or reading, she is drinking hot tea, laughing with friends and family, eating adventurous foods, and watching Gilmore Girls episodes. After graduation, Sarah hopes to travel the world and work in a publishing house where she is paid to read all day.

Marina Buttecali, Treasurer

Marina Buttecali, Treasurer

Treasurer, Reagan Spexarth

Reagan Spexarth is a sophomore Political Science major, English and Philosophy double minor from The Woodlands, Texas. Reagan joined the The Eckleburg Project as a fundraiser in January of 2017. She currently works as an undergraduate researcher at The Bush School, where she is researching stabilization efforts in Eastern Europe. She hopes to eventually use this research to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science. In her free time Reagan enjoys fencing, chess, and watching Rupaul’s Drag Race when she should be studying. Reagan is easily enticed by poetry slams and promises of free food.

Ashton Mathai, Publicist

Ashton Mathai, Publicist

Publicist, Ashton Mathai

Ashton is a junior English major and Business and New Media Art double minor from Colleyville, Texas. She joined The Eckleburg Project as the publicist in the Fall of 2018. Her ultimate dream is to finish her degree and travel the world, going wherever she can for as long as she can. But for now, she contents herself by imagining herself in other worlds via novels and writing stories. Other interests include pulling all-night movie marathons with friends, loving plants that don't love her back, and singing as loud as she can in the shower.

Maggie Stephens, Prose Editor

Maggie Stephens, Prose Editor

Prose Editor, Maggie Stephens

Maggie Stephens is a junior English major, Communications minor from San Antonio, Texas. Maggie joined The Eckleburg Project as a Screener in the spring of 2017 and was promoted to Poetry Editor for the fall 2017/spring 2018 academic year. After spending the last semester studying abroad, Maggie is excited to take on a new post as Prose Editor in 2019. In her free time, Maggie loves embroidering, country dancing, and re-watching Parks & Rec.

Bucky Womble, Poetry Editor

Bucky Womble, Poetry Editor

Poetry Editor, Bucky Womble

Bucky Womble is a sophomore English major from Eustace, Texas. Bucky joined The Eckleburg Project as a Screener in the Fall of 2018 and was promoted to Poetry Editor for the fall 2018/spring 2019 academic year. Bucky is excited to take on a new post as Prose Editor in 2019. In his free time, Bucky likes to watch Pewdiepie and look at cat memes. He also dislikes carrots.

Head Designer, Crystal Torres

Head Designer, Crystal Torres

Head Designer, Crystal Torres

Crystal is a University Studies Major with a concentration in Graphic Design and Film Studies.

She joined the Eckleburg Project in Fall 2018 as the Head Designer. You can find her drawing/designing most of the time on campus or listening to Good Charlotte religiously. During rainy days, she likes to blast some classics from The Cure or debate how amazing My Hero Academia is. After graduation, she wants to secure a job as a Graphic designer, save money, go to graduate school god knows where, and see what the future holds.


Sabra Jones, Staff Content Editor

Sabra Jones, Staff Content Editor

Staff Content Editor, Sabra Jones

Sabra is a University Studies major with Arabic and Psychology minors. She started as a screener for the Eckleburg Project in the fall of 2018. She is morbidly obsessed with true crime and comic books and, if she could do anything when she grew up, she would want to be a superhero. Barring that, she is aiming for law enforcement. After school, she wants to continue on to Grad school and maybe finish that book she’s been writing since she was 16. 


Steve McGuire, Academic Advisor

Steve McGuire, Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor, Lowell Mick White

Lowell Mick White is the author of five books including the novels That Demon Life and Burnt House. A winner of the Dobie-Paisano Fellowship and a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, White received his PhD at Texas A&M University, where he is an Instructional Assistant Professor.

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