The Eckleburg Project

A TAMU Literary Journal

The Eckleburg Project is the official undergraduate literary journal of Texas A&M University. We are an undergraduate organization featuring student poetry, prose, and art. Now with eleven issues under our belt, we started with the idea that art should be free and easily accessible to the community.

Our staff is composed of undergraduate students and editors who select pieces to be published semesterly under a process of blind review. For information on how to join, go to our apply page. For information on how to submit, go to our submissions page. For general inquiries, or just to say hello, contact our organizational email at

As always, we thank you for your support as we continue to foster art here at Texas A&M.

Submissions are closed for the Fall 2018 semester.

Please read the submission guidelines for each category before submission. You may enter enter up to 3 pieces in each category. All submissions are evaluated under blind review by Eckleburg staff. We wish you all good luck!

Prose- Fall 2018

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Poetry- Fall 2018

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Art- Fall 2018

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