The Eckleburg Project

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The Eckleburg Project is the official undergraduate literary magazine of Texas A&M University. We are a student run magazine featuring student poetry, prose, and art. Just over four years old, with now eight issues under our belt, we started with the idea in mind that art should be free to the community and easily accessible.

Without community, art would not exist, and artwork is a direct reflection of that community. Thus, became our name, inspired by Doctor T.J. Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby. Dr. Eckleburg acts as a symbol of the all seeing eye over the city, not missing a single event or happening. To truly be a great artist, one must act as an acute observer to the environment.  In order to grow in your art, you must surround yourself with art. Herein, The Eckleburg Project was born.


This ragtag team of misfits makes up The Eckleburg Project editorial board. 

 Sasha Adams, Editor in Chief

Sasha Adams, Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief, Sasha Adams

Sasha Adams is a junior Biomedical Sciences major from Huntsville, Texas. She started out as a Poetry screener in Spring 2016, moved on to Prose Editor in Spring 2017, and recently became Editor-in-Chief . On a normal day, you will find Sasha procrastinating on homework by eating copious amounts of tacos or napping with her super cool pitbull, Nala. She will come out of her cave by being bribed with iced coffee, food, or doggos.

 Jason Arrington, Managing Editor/Sloth

Jason Arrington, Managing Editor/Sloth

Managing Editor, Jason Arrington

Jason is a junior English and Philosophy  double major from Plano, Texas.  He joined The Eckleburg Project in Spring 2016 as a Prose Screener and moved on to become the Managing Editor in Fall 2017 . In his free time he enjoys chess, Miles Davis, and not doing the reading for class.

This picture is actually Jason-he's a sloth.

  Marina Buttecali,  Treasurer

Marina Buttecali, Treasurer

Treasurer, Reagan Spexarth

Reagan Spexarth is a sophomore Political Science major, English and Philosophy double minor from The Woodlands, Texas. Reagan joined the The Eckleburg Project as a fundraiser in January of 2017. She currently works as an undergraduate researcher at The Bush School, where she is researching stabilization efforts in Eastern Europe. She hopes to eventually use this research to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science. In her free time Reagan enjoys fencing, chess, and watching Rupaul’s Drag Race when she should be studying. Reagan is easily enticed by poetry slams and promises of free food.

 Haley Walker, Publicist

Haley Walker, Publicist

Publicist, Haley Walker

Haley Walker is a sophomore Communication major, sociology minor from Frisco, Texas. She joined The Eckleburg Project as the publicist in the Fall of 2017. Haley is currently a content creator for the Odyssey and is the author of the poetry and prose book, The Ubiquity of it All. She can be found playing the bassoon in the university’s concert band, chasing Jesus, coffee, concerts, and adventure. Haley aspires to be an editor or publisher of some sort upon graduating, visit every national park in her lifetime, and continuously act as a groupie for all of her favorite bands.


 Savanna Hoover, Prose Editor

Savanna Hoover, Prose Editor

Prose Editor, Savanna Hoover

Savanna Hoover is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing. She started writing for The Eckleburg Project as a blogger in Spring 2017. Savanna is currently writing for Spirit magazine and tutoring local elementary school students. In her free time, she enjoys reading political literature and cheering on the Texas A&M Hockey Team. Her favorite place is the Texas Hill Country, with a close second being the shark tunnel in the Dallas Aquarium. After graduation Savanna plans on starting a vineyard, traveling, and continuing her writing career.

 Maggie Stephens, Poetry Editor

Maggie Stephens, Poetry Editor

Poetry Editor, Maggie Stephens

Maggie Stephens is a sophomore English major, Communications minor from San Antonio, Texas. Maggie joined The Eckleburg Project as a screener in Spring 2017 and became Poetry Editor the following fall. Currently, Maggie works as a research assistant in the Communications Department, and dreams of one day working as a copy editor in a real publishing house. She enjoys reading Stephen King, watching Downton Abbey, and drinking black coffee.

 Head Designer, Xavier Maldonado

Head Designer, Xavier Maldonado

Head Designer, Xavier Maldonado

Named after Charles Xavier, he has none of his powers just a cool name. Enjoys designing stuff, making stuff, eating stuff, and breaking stuff. He likes stuff, a lot. Which is why he is an engineer.



 Blog Manager, Jess Lucas

Blog Manager, Jess Lucas

Blog Manager, Jess Lucas

Jess Lucas is a junior History/English major from Keller, TX. Jess joined the Eckleburg Project in the spring of 2017 as a blogger. She became Blog Manager the next fall. She also works as a tutor for student athletes. When not stressing about classes, Jess snuggles with her Shih Tzu, Lilly, and watches her favorite movie, National Treasure. She also enjoys sarcasm, cardigans, and anything British. Jess aspires to be Wonder Woman when she grows up.


 Steve McGuire, Academic Advisor

Steve McGuire, Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor, Steve McGuire

Steve McGuire is the Staff Advisor for The Eckleburg Project. He earned his BA in Classics from Texas A&M University in 2016. Currently, he works as an Administrator at the Texas A&M University Writing Center, focusing his efforts mainly on helping undergraduate students develop their written communication skills. A writer and an avid football fan, Steve also puts in time for Last Word on Sports as a contributing writer and team manager for the New England Patriots office.

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